Local voluntary work

In the case you have not voluntary hours in your CV, we strongly  request you to do it. Not only because the Companies value or not this voluntary work, but also  because it is an unpaid job in which you help the others as well as yourself.voluntariado

Where? Our suggestions are:

  • Alfa-Almanjayar asociation
  • Albihar foundation
  • Jesus-Maria´s primary school (Pinos Puente)
  • S: Juan de Dios hospital

Seven reasons to do voluntary work

  • Just to help the most needy ( and we should leave out the word “just”).This will probably be the first reason why everybody joins, however, it is not the only one.
  • It strengthens the self- esteem not only feeling well with yourself by helping the others, but also, being valued by  the people you help as well as your  co-workers for your effort.
  • Being part of history. Every time a new law is approved, or a new measure is taken in order to help the needy, by doing your bit, you are making this dream come true.
  • Taking care of the environment. Voluntary work is not only to help people, but also nature.
  • Learning how to mix with people.By doing voluntary work, you will meet new people and it will help you in case you are not an outgoing person and you will feel more open an comfortable with the others. You will practise future work teams.
  • Joining the labour market. The voluntary work is unpaid, however, you can do tasks related to your studies and job, so it will help you to get some experience  in your future Jobs.
  • Learning empathy. Empathy should be essential in our upbringing, but it is not as important as it should.

portada blog VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONALInternational voluntary work

We can prepare you to collaborate in case you are interested in Haiti, Argentina, Cameroon, Guinea, Tangier…Are you willing? Click here and you will know what to do!!

Supportive week

Every effort is worthy when the other person is what matters. The desired approach is important even more than the theory and professional vocation. Participate with other young people during a week where we devote completely with a reality very different from ours. Working the awareness, the knowledge, the emotions…. From 1st to 7th March.



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