chalkboard-620316_1920-300x200As an educational institution and from the very beginning, we have opted for those who are willing to study, so that the financial circumstances would not be a limit. Therefore, and because we know you want to come, we offer you some possibilities.

Jesús-Maria Hall of residence wants to reach all social levels, so no-one might be excluded for economic reasons. That is why it states a system of responsible and differentiated fees to which every family can freely assign to. The proportional contribution responds to social justice (depending on the economic possibilities). We also believe that the effort to make this project come true is worth it. A project with more open and consistent structures with the evangelical values of solidarity and the fact of sharing.  Regardless the fee they have assigned to, every student will receive the same services.

Since the economic reason should not be an obstacle to enter the hall of residence, the family who cannot assign to the minimum fee, can apply a personalized treatment through the hall of residence domestic scholarships.

  • FEE A: 860€ /month IVA included
  • FEE B: 809€/month IVA included
  • FEE C: 758€/month IVA included
  • FEE D: 707€/month IVA included
  • FEE E: 661€/month IVA included


NEW!!! Collaboration Project: Creative free education.

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