FarmaciaThe big difference between living either in a university hall residence, or in a residence, or in a flat, is not “the most or the least freedom or control of our actions”, as we may deceitfully suppose. We basically, assume that the student who reaches a master degree is aware os his or her physical, psychological and intellectual age of majority. Therefore, the basic principles of each Hall of residence, especially ours, lies in learning continuously how to act in a spirit of FREEDOM, with others, in society. This means sharing worries and studies, also parties naturally, organizing all kinds of events, participating in workshops and courses…. This is a place where nice environment and good living-together is favoured from the very beginning. It is not us who say this, it is the students who stay, when they really live it.

Therefore, the rule is not what characterizes us, but the call to responsibility within some canons where the other one has the main role.

Our spirituality is open, universal and free. It is an Ignatian spirituality, which favours the spiritual support and respect. Therefore, all our transcendental offer is VOLUNTARY, from the very beginning and we only move in the spirit of evangelical view.

Moreover:CAD Cartuja

*We promote solidarity in all confines such as: Accommodation supportive fees, domestic and international voluntary work participation, supportive projects….

*We want the family spirit to pervade in our hall of residence in closeness and freedom

As we are located in the centre of the university Cartuja campus, more than 35 degrees extended in  8 faculties, less than 5 minute walk.

*We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week, including bank holidays.

*All the rooms are single and look onto the outside, and most of them are en suite.

*There is the possibility to obtain ECTS credits when participating in their own activities.

*Students´ involvement in the arrangement of the hall of residence and in the coordination of activities.

*Personalized attention.

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